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Shanghai Ouheng Information Technology Services Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Taiwan Xiehong Technology Co., Ltd. relying on Taiwan's technology and experience, fully serving customers on both sides of Taiwan and China.

The company is located at fifth factory building, No. 58, Shun fan Nan Road, Kunshan Development Zone, Jiangsu.

In mainland China and Taiwan, there are test laboratories and radio shielding room / anechoic chamber manufacturing plants; system integration design company.

The business is divided into three parts:

1. test certification:

Provide EMI test, EMS test, radio frequency test at home and abroad to help customers quickly mass-produce and marketing products to the world market.

2. shielding and darkroom Engineering

Provide customers with detailed shielding box, shielding room, EMC anechoic chamber, OTA anechoic chamber, engineering and technical support and processing and installation services.

Rich experience and professional technology, so that the company won the trust of national laboratories and third-party laboratories and enterprises; covering the military and other third-party testing and certification experiments in school hospitals

The service countries include China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Bolivia and India.

Built-up laboratories range from standard 3/5/10m anechoic chambers for small shielding chambers to semi/full anechoic chambers for large vehicle testing.

Starting from 2004, Taiwan's Hsiehong Technology Division began to design various types of high-quality screened doors, including single-door, slideway doors and large-scale fully automatic pneumatic/electric screened doors power filter guided wave tube and other related equipment, and in 2012 transfer related technologies to Ouheng Information Technology Services Limited. The design and construction of the darkroom, shielding room is in compliance with the U. S. EU and China standards for shielding effectiveness, in line with EN50147-1 and GB12190 standards. The darkroom shielding room designed and built has the advantages of unique construction technology, easy relocation, transformation and expansion.

3. integration of instrument and equipment system

Relying on years of experience in testing and certification, we have set up test laboratories and radio wave shielding rooms in mainland China and Taiwan to provide scheme consultation and system integration for our customers'Radio Anechoic Chamber equipment supporting systems; cooperate with world-renowned EMC test instruments; provide customers with one-stop EMC anechoic chamber equipment testing and certification of complete technical support and Service.

Test system: radiation EMI (space radiation RE, conducted disturbance CE, power disturbance RFP)

Radiant immunity EMS (space radiation immunity RS, conducted immunity immunity CS);

Cooperative brand: TESEQ, R&S, Keysight, SchwarzBeck Fala technology bearing